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Zip Zip

These « pets » have a secret ! And it’s totally wild !!

A worldwide broadcast hit in 150+ countries!

Washington the fox, Sam the wild boar and Eugenie, Sam’s little sister, are tired of living paw-to-mouth in the wilderness. They crave the creature comforts only the suburbs can provide and decide to zip into costume and disguise themselves as run-of-the-mill house pets.
So far, their secret is safe but you can count on the gang’s wild animal instincts to surface at the very worst moments, driving the gags and suspense! They’ve tamed their new household, but they’re not out of the woods just yet!!

Genre: animation, kids

Format: 104x11'

Directed by: Lionel Allaix

Written by: Aurore Damant, Anne Ozannat, Manuel Tanon-Tchi

Produced by: GO-N Productions

Original Broadcasters: France Televisions, SuperRTL, Disney Channels WW

Language: English, French, Spanish

Year of production: 2015-2019

International Sales: Federation

Format rights: Available

Festivals & awards: Best Animated International Episode at FICCI BAF Awards 2018, Best Animated TV Series at Xiamen International Animation Festival 2015, Selected at Golden Kuker 2015, Animate Dubai 2015

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