Meet the woman before the superstar in this event series about the iconic French actress, Brigitte Bardot.

Young and free, Bardot (starring Julia de Nunez) was passionate and liberated while defying the rules of the society of the time. Unanimously considered the most beautiful woman of the world, Brigitte Bardot provoked, in spite of herself, a worldwide sexual revolution. A woman ahead of her time, ten years before the lifechanging events of May 68.

Daughter of a good family, Brigitte Bardot became an international icon after And God Created Woman. The series focuses on the first years of her superstar life, as she deals with her new status while trying to find her true self.

From multi-awarded directors Danièle Thompson and Christopher Thompson.




Genre: Biopic
Format: 6×52′
Written by Danièle Thompson and Christopher Thompson
Directed by Danièle Thompson and Christopher Thompson
Produced by Federation, in coproduction with G-Films
Original Broadcasters: France 2, Mediaset
Cast: Julia de Nunez, Victor Belmondo, Géraldine Pailhas, Hippolyte Girardot, Yvan Attal, Anne Le Ny, Oscar Lesage, Noham Edje, Jules Benchetrit
Language: French
Year of production: 2022
International Sales: Federation