Cheyenne & Lola

A female crime dramedy / modern day Western, starring Veerle Baetens (In the Name of the Land, Alabama Monroe) and Charlotte Le Bon (Yves Saint-Laurent, Bastille Day).
Created by Virginie Brac (Spiral, Tony’s Revenge, Paris), directed by Eshref Reybouck (Undercover, Marsman, Hassel). 

Cheyenne, 35, recently released from prison, is a tattoo artist who cleans the ferries between France and the UK to save money for a future life. Lola, 25, is a beautiful Parisian woman, selfish and ruthless, who has just arrived in the North of France to move in with her lover.

The past catches up with Cheyenne when she witnesses Lola killing her lover’s wife. Cheyenne assumes she’s going to be accused of the crime and Cheyenne & Lola ripen into a ruthless duo…

Different from one another, even antagonistic, Cheyenne and Lola operate quietly behind the backs of crime lords, cops, bosses, ex-husbands and lovers, to whom they present a clean, docile façade while they cheat, swindle and kill when necessary. For they have spotted a way of making big bucks in this male universe and at last get their share of the cake. And they go for it.

The first original series by OCS.
Selected at Series Mania and CannesSeries 2020.



Genre: Female Crime Dramedy
Lincoln TV / Orange Studio / Scope Pictures
Directed by : Eshref Reybrouck
Authors: Virginie Brac, Fanny Talmone
Cast : Charlotte Le Bon, Veerle Baetens
Original Broadcaster:
Language: French
Year of production:
International sales:
Federation excluding France
Format Rights: Available