Delete Me

Viaplay’s young adult sensation series returns for a season 2.

This new season follows the story of teenage couple Sanna and Lucas. Sanna is trying to grow as a social influencer to earn enough to afford a rich lifestyle. Lucas is an up-and-coming artist who wants to drop out of his finance studies. But they hide a dark secret : they scam people on a social media called HornyFans. After a date with Svein Tovik, a famous and rich art gallery owner, Sanna says she’s been raped and the whole thing spirals down, bringing Svein’s employee Mimmi and his wife Mona into the equation.

Season 2 now available.

Highest scores in history for a drama series on Viaplay



Genre: Young adult drama series
Format: 13×26′
Written and directed by Marie Kristiansen (Young and Promising)
Producers: Einar, Pål Kruke Kristiansen and Kristin Emblem
Original broadcaster: Viaplay
Cast: Sofia Tjelta Sydness, Erik Enge, Happy Jankell
Language: Norwegian
Year of production: 2022
International Sales: Federation
Format rights: Available