What if nightmares became contagious?

A fascinating fantastic thriller for Netflix.

By the director of Our heroes died tonight, David Perrault.

Led by a casting of promising young actors seen in famous French dramas (SKAM France, The Red Band Society…).

Eva, a reclusive seventeen-year-old, meets a group of teenagers who enjoy recreationally using Icelotropine, a medication stolen from a sleep-clinic, in an attempt to cope with the pain of their tedious lives. The drug’s psychotropic effects allow them to freely navigate between their dreams and reality. Eva is introduced to the group by Sebastien, but as the story unfolds, their escapist dreams become infectious nightmares as the line between their sleep states and reality quickly starts to blur. Sebastien finds himself trapped inside a hellish maze-like nightmare to which only Eva seems to have the key. In the tradition of grand hallucinations, Endless Night is a fantastic thriller that zooms in on teenage angst with a unique twist that takes the viewer on a thrilling adventure between fantasy and reality.



Genre: Fantastic Thriller for YA
Format: 6×30′
Directed by David Perrault
Written by David Perrault, Emmanuel Voisin, Julie Anna Grignon et Sophie Dab
Produced by Federation Belgique, Empreinte Digitale, Versus, Proximus
Original Broadcasters: Netflix
Cast: Ayumi Roux, Hanane El Yousfi, Salif Cisse, Chine Thybaud, Louïs Rault Watanabe,Léo Legrand, Théo Augier
Language: French
Year of production: 2022
International Sales: Federation