Kung Fu Wa

A recipe for world-saving kids!
A funny, fast-paced action-comedy animation produced by Tencent Video and UYoung Media


The series follows the adventures of a curious 8-year-old girl named TZ who always dreamed of going on adventures and exploring wonderful places, and then one day she finds an odd-looking sock in her mother’s laundry that…. Talks. It was originally a Kung Fu Master from another world charged with guarding an ancient scroll. When the Master came through a vortex into TZ’s time, his powers were weakened, and he was transformed into a sock.  However, when the little girl puts the sock on her foot she transforms into a super heroine – a kick-ass Kung Fu girl, and together they must complete King Fu Wa’s mission and follow the ancient scroll to defeat evil and protect their world.


Genre:  Animated – Comedy adventure
Target: 8-12
Format: 52×11’
Co-produced by: Tencent & UYoung
Year of production: 2021
Status: Available
Original Broadcaster: Tencent