Returning for a second season, Partisan is an intense psychological thriller set in a gated eco-farm, in lush yet suspicious surroundings.

The gated community of Jordnära is covering its tracks after discovering an infiltrator among them. The damage caused by the partisan has changed the conditions for the community, who suddenly face challenging financial times, forcing them to make some drastic decisions to keep their insidious plan alive. At the same time, they’re trying to find the two sisters that went missing in season 1, to bring Jordnära back to its former glory. However, their plans face resistance when a suspicious accident with connections to Jordnära occurs, making the local police launch an investigation. What seems like a coincidence hides more than expected, and while the police are digging closer to the truth, the reality they face gets darker than imagined.

Season 2 now available.

Best Series at CanneSeries 2020 (Season 1).

Launched in August 2020 on Viaplay, Partisan achieved
the highest-rated premiere since the platform was created.


Genre: Crime Thriller
Written by
Hans Jörnlind, Anna Platt, Charlotte Lesche, Francesca Maraki, Dennis Magnusson
Directed by : Amir Chamdin
Produced by Warner Sweden
Cast : Farès Farès, Johan Rheborg, Anna Bjork, Sofia Karemyr, Ylavali Rurling Emelie Garbers
Original Broadcaster:
Language: Swedish
International sales: Federation, excluding Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland
Format Rights:  Not Available