Running Away

A broken family is forced to go on the run
A riveting thriller for RAI

Claudio and Silvia Caruana are a respectable couple with a seemingly perfect life: a happy marriage, money and two loving children.
This all ends when Claudio becomes a prime murder suspect in the investigation on his former bank colleague Ricardo. Trapped in a world of schemes and conspiracies, Claudio and his family escape to the Alto Adige mountains, to clear their name and find out the truth. The Caruana family embarks on a journey filled with danger, doubts, and unexpected discoveries about themselves.


Genre: Psychological Thriller
Format: 12×52′
Directed by: Luca Ribuoli
Produced by: Pay Per Moon Italia, Rai Fiction
Created by: Filippo Gravino and Guido Iuculano
Original broadcaster: RAI
Cast: Claudio Gioè, Anna Valle, Giorgio Colangeli
Language: Italian
Year of production: 2020
Format Rights: Available
International Sales: Federation