The Bureau

Within the DGSE, operates The Bureau, a department in charge of training the most undercover agents of the French secret services. Dispatched to key locations all around the world and living under false identities for years, their mission is to identify potential sources.
The series begins with the return to the DGSE headquarters of our hero, after a six-year mission in Syria.
But his return to “normal” life is proving difficult especially when he is informed that Nadia, a woman he was madly in love with in Damascus is actually in Paris. For love, he is willing to take risks…for him and the Bureau.


Genre: Spy thriller drama
Format: 40x1h
Producers: TOP – The Oligarchs Productions & FEDERATION ENTERTAINMENT
Original Broadcaster: Canal+ 
International Broadcasters: RTL Crime, Amazon Prime UK, iTunes US, Sky Italia, Sundance, Kino Lorber, Universum, Movistar, RTP, SVT, NRK, BeTV, VRT, NC+, Channel One, Viacom, SBS, Rialto

Country: France
Production Years: Season 1: 2014, Season2: 2015, Season 3: 2016, Season 4: 2018
Awards: Nominated for the TV France International export prize in 2018
Best actor for Matthieu Kassovitz at Series Mania 2015