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THE LESSON wins 2 prizes, including top prize for Best Series at Canneseries 2022

Paris, April 7, 2022

Israeli drama THE LESSON won Best Series prize at CanneSeries 2022 last night. Co-lead actress Maya Landsmann also won best performance award for her role as Lian, a 17-year-old far-right troubled student.

Federation’s team congratulate creator of the show Deakla Keydar, director Eitan Zur, producer (Jasmine TV) Yochanan Kredo as well as their fantastic crew and cast led by award-winning Maya Landsmann and Doron Ben-David.

Federation is proud to handle international sales of this series that perfectly tackles relevant socio-political themes like empathy, racism and the power of social media.

This year marks another winning edition of CanneSeries for Federation, after the successes of MISTER 8 last year (Best Series and Best Performance) and PARTISAN 2 years ago (Best Series).


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